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"What’s your favorite song to perform live?"

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A really hot guy just moved in next door, what should I do?


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  • Me: wow i like this album
  • Me: i think i'll listen to it until i don't
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it makes me laugh that if the boys don’t wanna talk about what a song’s about in the track by track videos they talk instead about the writing process like we’re not gonna notice they don’t wanna talk about how the song is 100% about having sex with hot girls nice try 5sos

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this is the best way to handle a crowd i love you ashton

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who wants to move to new york with me

we can get a tiny shoe box apartment that’s too expensive

explore the city daily

become regulars at some coffee shop 

have sleepovers in the living room

marathon our favorite movies and tv shows

sit together while we blog

always order in because we’re too lazy to cook

play board games

and idk maybe we could get a cat or dog

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